Hetal Patel


Hetal Patel had always been a strong academic student but along with school she had a strong insight for art. At a very young age she had a passion for art and loved to express herself in different forms of art such as painting and sculpting. Hetal Patel is a Plaster Relief Wall artist who has inborn traits for multilayered artwork, sculpted mural and sculpture.

Shortly after moving to Canada she admired the serenity of Canada’s nature. This started her artistic journey in bas relief plaster wall sculpture at Calgary. Inspired by the tranquil waters and high mountains she brought all her memories to life in the form of wall sculptures. Ranging from Canadian Rockies, Palm trees in Mexico, animals or humans, Hetal can enhance and bring to life any wall in any size or shape with 3D texture whether it is residential or commercial space. Sculpted wall murals/artworks are inspiring and a delightful addition to any space and are an ultimate way to change the look and atmosphere of a setting.

Wall sculptures can range in size from one square foot to entire walls. She can create huge sculptures that resemble trees, flowers, animals, birds and uniquely personal sculpture.

Artist and Sculptor, Hetal can sculpt murals directly onto walls, portals, ceilings, floors and other flat or curved surfaces.

Sculpted murals can also be created as a framed picture or shadow box to hang on a wall. Small panels are becoming very popular as very easy to move.

She makes unique and designer terracotta jewellery and polymer clay flower jewellery. She is great at mosaic art. She runs her studio under name "Art by HEarT".

She works with construction contractors and home owners for 3D sculpting on a commission base. She exhibits her artwork in Art Exhibitions.

She was an art teacher at the School of East India Language and Performing Arts. She works as an education assistant with the Calgary Board of Education. She shares her expertise and continues to inspire others.

She runs her own private classes for Drawing, painting, Mosaic art, Clay sculpting, Fabric painting, mix media, Terracotta jewellery making, Polymer clay flower jewellery making.

Hetal’s purpose for artwork is to step aside from her routine life and find fun, inspiration and energy through art. Hetal thoroughly enjoys art through her artwork. It gives her pleasure and is her passion. She wants others to also find peace and joy in whatever they do and make the most out of what life gives us. She found her inner peace through artwork and she also encourage others to find their peace in different forms of art.